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Driver Education is one of the most important courses that your son/daughter will enroll in.  The aim and intent of this course is to develop a safe and skillful driver able to cope with present and future traffic situations.  Classroom instruction is open to students 15 years and older.  Must be 15 by the last day of class.  Students registered will receive 30 hours of classroom training.  

Behind the Wheel
This portion of driver education is for students who have successfully completed the classroom portion and have their drivers permit.  All students are required to have six hours of behind the wheel instructed driving.  To schedule your behind the wheel hours please call 218-894-5400 ext 3120. 

Classes are also offered at different times during the year.  Please contact the Community Education Office at 218-894-5400 ext 3120 for more information.

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Catalog: Fall/Winter 2022-2023
Driver's Education

Catalog: Fall/Winter 2022-2023
Driver's Education