Staples Motley
10/24/22 At this time, there is not a classroom session scheduled.  Please check back for more information.  Thank you.  

Staples- Motley Driver's Ed Program
Steps toward getting a drivers license in MN
Classroom Instruction- Students must complete 30 hours of classroom.
Class Fee $100.00 for S-M students
$125.00 for Out of District Students
Students must be 15 or turning 15 shortly after the last date of the classroom session.

After 30 hour of instruction you are required to enroll in a Behind The Wheel program to take the State Knowledge Test.

Fee for S-M Behind the Wheel program (Includes 6 hours of instruction in our district BTW car by one of our BTW instructors)
$230.00 for S-M Students 
$275.00 for Out of District Students

After both are completed you can make an appointment for the road test with the state. 
Email or call Lori Nienow if you have any questions regarding the S-M driver's education program.
218-894-5400 ext 3120
Behind the Wheel Instruction S-M Students - # BTWFW2122 –
When the student has completed the 30 hours of classroom instruction, as reported by the instructor, you may enroll in the S-M Behind the Wheel program (BTW).  The student must come to the S-M Community Education Office to pay the BTW instruction fee and receive their "Blue Card" which allows them to take the permit/written test.  The student's signature on the "Blue Card" must be witnessed by the S-M Program Supervisor. 

Behind the Wheel instruction is offered year round.  When registration is complete an instructor will be assigned to the student.  Each student must complete six hours of driving with the instructor to receive their "White Card" which allows them to take their road test. 

All Drivers Education payments are non-refundable. Please come in to the Community Ed Office before or after registering to pick up information about our programs and the requirements needed to complete these.